Bi-Weekly Plant List

So, like many small businesses we have been massively affected by the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the Summer months the bulk of our trade comes from Makers Markets, Food Festivals and Summer Fayres, the vast majority of which have been cancelled. 

So... we've made the decision to operate a delivery service covering Anglesey, Bangor and Caernarfon. Every other week we'll be publishing a list of plants that are available to order (you can do this online or by phone on 07740347836) and your items will be delivered to your door on the Saturday of that week. Don't forget you can add our Seeds, GYO Kits, Pots, Compost and Accessories to your order! Delivery is FREE for orders of £10 or more.

We're taking a break!

April and May has been hectic on the seed side of the business, so we've fallen behind with sowing, propagating and potting on.

We're aiming to start delivering again on Saturday 20th June

Full 2020 Plant List and Availability

Acis autumnalis - July to September
Acis autumnalis var. oporanthus - July to September 
Acis autumnalis 'September Snow' - July to September 
Basil 'African Blue' - June to September 
Chamomile - May to September 
Chilli 'Jalapeno' - June to July
Chilli 'Firecracker' June to July 
Chives - March to September 
Chives, White Flowered - April to July
Coriander 'Leisure' - May to September 
Cucamelon - June to July 
Garlic Chives - May to September 
Golden Marjoram - May to September 
Lavender 'Rosea' - June to September 
Lemon Balm 'All Gold' - May to September 
Lemon Verbena - March to September 
Lime Balm - June to September 
Mint, Chocolate Peppermint - May to September 
Mint, Ginger - May to September 
Mint, Grapefruit - April to September 
Mint, Moroccan - May to September 
Mint, Strawberry - March to September 
Nasturtium, Climbing - April to September 
Nasturtium 'Empress of India' - May to September 
Oregano - March to September 
Oregano 'Country Cream' - May to September 
Parsley 'Italian Giant' - May to September 
Pot Marigold - April to September 
Rosemary 'Boule' - June to September
Rosemary 'Mrs Jessops Upright' June to September 
Sage, Broad Leaved - March to September 
Sage, Tangerine - March to September
Sorrel 'Red Veined' - April to September 
Thyme, Lemon - June to September
Thyme, Orange - June to September 
Thyme, Broad Leaved - June to September 
Tomato 'Tiny Tim' - May to July
Tropaolum tricolor - February to April 
Vietnamese Coriander - June to September 
Welsh Onion, White - June to September 
Welsh Onion, Red - June to September 
Wild Rocket - May to September